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Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday, Beauties!

Sequoia National Park

Blog Updates

I am slowly working on coming up with consistent blog posts - I have so many things I want to write about but it gets overwhelming so quickly and I start to spiral! I plan on covering the biggest challenges I am facing in starting a new blog and what I am doing to counteract them at some point soon, but in the meantime I am so excited to start writing "Weekly Roundups!" ... although I am not sold on that official name, lol, if you have any suggestions please comment!

Anyway, these weekly Friday posts will include some of my favorite moments from the week, any important life updates I want to share, and new products to check out or new shows/books/podcasts I might be obsessing over!

Life Updates

This week was a big one, since it included my 26 birthday! I am definitely no longer in my "early 20's" but I always try to look at getting older as a privilege and a blessing. I honestly didn't expect much as we are still in quarantine mode and not travelling much - because I am not usually working this time of year we almost always travel for my birthday. BUT, it ended up being an AMAZING day without having to go very far at all! I can't wait to share our adorable Parisian picnic and how Tyler made it the most perfect birthday yet!

Here is a sneak peak!

A Lakeside Picnic Celebration!

Delicious Birthday Treats

Travel Updates

We ventured out twice this week, for my birthday picnic and for a quick day trip to the Sequoia National Park! We had an amazing time seeing these incredible trees, it was so beautiful. They were so magical and fun! We did the whole trip in one day to avoid having to stay overnight at any hotels (we still really aren't ok with being out in public for too long yet due to COVID-19, especially with the new spikes in California). The trip took about 3.5 hours to get there and about 4 hours to get home, so it was a LONG day - but SO worth it! I will hopefully write up a whole post about our visit, and we definitely cannot wait to go back and stay at the adorable lodges in the park!

Recommendation for the Week

Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts

Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts - we binged this show so quickly! Both season 1 and 2 are on Netflix, and OMG it is fantastic! I highly recommend it, especially if you are a fan of Avatar The Last Airbender (which we rewatched last week, lol)! It is cute and charming, the cast is awesome and the music is killer!! We loved the message and the diversity we saw in the cast, too. It is a feel good, easy to watch kinda show that keeps you entertained without the stress of making sure you catch every single word.

Favorite Outfit of the Week

This week I also finally got my Abercrombie order along with some awesome gifts, which I will be writing about shortly! I was a little disappointed because a lot of the Abercrombie order was way too large ( a good thing in the long run, but frustrating when you are excited about new clothes), but one thing I did LOVE was this Jumpsuit! The color and the cut are so cute and it's so comfy and easy to wear.

Weekly Thankfulness

Friends surprised me with gifts!

Finally, I will leave you with my "Thankful Moment of the Week"! I was so grateful this week for all the sweet love and birthday messages I received. I wasn't expecting much due to COVID-19 restrictions, but so many people made the day feel so special. I even had friends stop by to bring me gifts, since we couldn't go out to celebrate, it was so special to see there faces!

What did you guys do this week?

Until Next Time,



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