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My First “Official” Flat Lay

Updated: May 26, 2020

So a large reason why I started this blog is because I LOVE beautiful things! I wanted to start creating my own beautiful images and designs while also sharing the process of learning how to do all this stuff. I love spending hours scrolling through gorgeous Pinterest photos and obsessing over my favorite stylist's photos. I am so drawn to photos that are heavily styled but look so effortless. I think their is true magic in making something look so easy.

That being said there is magic to the art of the “Flat Lay” and I don’t get to practice this skill enough!

For anyone who is like… what on earth is a Flat Lay? They are those beautiful images shot from above that feature interesting props and it’s often a technique used for styling books, blogs, fashion sales, and beauty products.

So, long story short, today I attempted my first official flat lay and I am pretty stoked with the way it came out!

I wish I had taken more photos of my set up but here is what the process of shooting looked like:

Start simple and add as you go!

I started with just some ingredients that I used in baking the muffins and worked off of that inspiration.

Here is what it looks like from further away.

I slowly added in details like an extra plate or more greenery to help fill out the image and make it feel a little more "lived in".

Trying a couple different angles.

Feels just about perfect! Now, I edit!

My chocolate chip muffin flat lay
The finished product!

The process didn’t take too long (I think I went faster than I normally would since I was so hungry to eat these)! I honestly didn’t even intend to do a flat lay photoshoot today but I got an itch to make chocolate chip muffins and they came out so pretty I wanted to make sure I captured them!

I am excited to start expanding my flat lay skills and really start to define my style! Hopefully, you guys love pretty photos as much as I do and will enjoy seeing them!

If you have any flat lay tips, want to know more about how I styled this image, or want me to style something specific please comment and let me know, I would love some inspiration!

Until next time,



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