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About Me

Hi! Welcome to Flower Child & Co. my name is Lauren and I am so excited you are here!


I started Flower Child & Co. because I love to express my creativity in new ways and I though a blog might be a fun new way to challenge myself!

A little about me...

I was born and raised in New Jersey, right down the street from the beach. I absolutely love the sun and summer is my favorite. I always feel my best when I have that summer glow!

I moved to Los Angeles for an amazing work opportunity, but I have wanted to live in L.A. since I was young.

I now work full time as a Prop Assistant and love my job. I get to be creative and work with an incredible team every day and even though it is hard work, I LOVE what I do. I hope through this blog I can shine a spotlight on the perfectly imperfect nature of my work. 

I hope to continue my career in prop styling, set decoration, and design.

I am engaged to the love of my life. His name is Tyler, and he is the funniest and most adorable human I know. We met our freshman year of college at Rowan University, and have been together ever since. Last year we moved in together after 3 years of long distance. I am so thankful every day for him.

I define my style as "California French" or "Bohemian Prep" as I have an ongoing attraction for all things bohemian and classic - and it's a combination you rarely see! I love the deep warm tones and exciting textures found in bohemian styles while also adoring the classic effortless styles you would find on a parisian strolling through Paris, trench coat and all! I try to balance these two styles and let them eb and flow in my closet. 

I love architecture, learning about art, and beautiful things. I absolutely LOVE Nancy Meyer's films and my favorite place to visit is the southern coast of Maine. My favorite food is a tie between sushi and a fresh Maine lobster.

I am a total shopaholic and love finding new ways to express myself in fashion and beauty.

I love all things design - from fonts to fabrics to furniture - I love to organize and than re-organize, style in new ways or find the perfect piece for a space. In short, I love to make things beautiful, cool, or artistic. 

I am relearning to love fitness. I have always been a very active, I was a competitive gymnast from the age of 7 to the age of 17. I loved flipping around and I was at practice for hours and hours during the week. When I turned 17 I decided to focus more of my energy on my creative aspirations, but I miss it all the time. Now as an adult, I am finding my way back to being active and working out. It's been a slow process but I am so thankful for my supportive friends who push me to keep trying new classes! I have found a passion for boxing and yoga in recent years. 

I love new adventures and hope to travel much more in the coming years. My biggest travel goal is to travel through France ASAP!


Why I chose "Flower Child & Co."

When I was young I would run around naked all day. Due to this, and my love for spending all hours of the day outside in nature, my mom has always called me a Flower Child. 

As an adult I have become even more enamored by outdoor spaces, gardens and flowers!

So when thinking of something that defined me, the symbolic title of Flower Child came to mind and it just clicked!

I hope what you have discovered so far has peaked your interest and you will stick around to see more of my adventures. 

Until next time,


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