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My Bridesmaid Boxes & How I Popped The Question

Cute Bridesmaid Boxes To Inspire Your Bridesmaid Gifts
How To Make The Perfect Gift For You Bridesmaids!

To be honest, this was one of my most anticipated projects when after Tyler and I got engaged. I was so excited to shower my besties with little boxes of joy and to ask them to stand by my side for our big day!

Tyler and I decided we wanted a more intimate number in our bridal party. We both have two siblings (both a brother and a sister), and friends from when we were young that we knew would always be a part of our day and I also asked one of my closest California girlfriends to be a part of my party, as well! We each ended up picking 5 people and we made the cutest gifts for them to make sure they felt extra special!

Travel & Garden Inspired Gifts
Pick Gifts Based on Your Wedding Theme

It took me FOREVER to decide what I wanted to put into the boxes, and I wanted to make sure I included a special note for each lady since I wouldn’t be able to be with most of them when they opened it (4 of 5 live on the east coast, while we are located in LA). I also wanted to make sure I chose items that weren’t breakable since I would be shipping my boxes to each of them.

I wanted the gift to be luxurious and useful! Since, at this point we knew it would be a destination wedding with a garden theme I opted for a mix of my favorite travel and garden inspired gifts.

After thinking it through I landed on these items:

Easy travel gifts for bridesmaids for a destination wedding
Travel and Garden Inspired Gifts for My Girls!

All of my girls say they love this! It is small enough to easily fit in a carry on and is perfect for weekend getaways (like a destination wedding weekend)!

They are all over Amazon and you can find just about any color or size you might want!

I always travel with at least one face mask, with all of our cross country flights I have found it is one small luxury worth having. Whether it’s using this on the plane to relax or using it once you are at your destination to rejuvenate tired skin, it’s something that really comes in handy.

They sell this brand, Lapcos, at Anthropologie for $$$ but you can find a 5 pack on Amazon so much cheaper!

They have different kinds that have different colored packaging, but I love gold and "Honey" fit our romantic garden theme perfectly.

This is one of my all time favorite products, especially when traveling. It smells amazing and it’s incredible how something as simple as a facial mist can make you feel so refreshed. It’s perfect to freshen up with after long haul flights or a long car ride.

Again, I purchased these on Amazon just to make it easier and buy everything at once, but Mario Badescu’s website sells this product for the same price.

I love traveling with this set because on top of being a really easy highlighter/bronzer it also makes for great eye shadow colors! The duo I included was pretty compact but held a lot of makeup and lasts forever, making it easy for me to keep these in my carry on without worry that I will have to replace them every trip.

I got this duo on a bundle sale and can’t seem to find it anywhere now, but I have linked something similar here that would be just as cute and their website is full of great bundle sets.

Another great place to check for cute travel makeup products is Sephora’s check out line, they have amazing deals in that section and it’s perfect for gifting!

This was my touch of the garden in the box, since Tyler and I love gardening and absolutely love to be outdoors! We knew our day would center around that idea and I loved adding an organic element for my girls!

These also came from Amazon (shocker! lol). I had no idea you could purchase plants there, but they were great quality and looked so cute in the boxes!

To be honest: I also got myself an air plant when I bought these for the ladies and I killed the poor thing! I know the ladies had more success keeping them alive, you should be able to just soak them in water every once and a while and spray them every few days, but for whatever reason I can’t keep air plants happy!

The Packaging

Add elegance with beautiful packaging
The Finishing Touches Make All The Difference

I am the kind of person who loves product packaging and I think it is so important to take that extra little step to make sure a gift is nicely packaged!

I packed everything up in these beautiful boxes that have a magnetic lid (I am obsessed with them, they make the most beautiful gift boxes) and I also purchased this filling to fill out the boxes.

I will admit, these are a bit of a splurge, but they are so luxurious and also reusable! Amazon and Michaels have cheaper options, as well, but if you are going for a more elevated look, they really are great!

They are awesome to use around the house for storage, too.

I went with gray but there are a ton of color options!

Easy and affordable bridesmaid presents
The Perfect "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Gift!

Then I attached a gray card stock to the lid of the box for a pretty border, as well as a graphic I designed with a frame I bought from Creative Market (my most favorite place to buy pretty much any graphic or illustration).

I also wrote notes to each of the girls and printed it on vellum, which is so simple but so elegant. Most printers have no problem printing on it and you can find it on Amazon or at any craft store!

Cricut Cut Vinyl Names
I added a hint more of champagne gold, to fit the theme!

Finally, I used my Cricut to cut out each of the girls names on gold vinyl. If you would like a full breakdown of how I did this, I would be happy to share (let me know in the comments)!

So pretty!

I was so pleased with how they came out!

I wish I could have hand delivered each box, but I sent them through the mail and they all arrived no problem. Each girl called me with their answer, thank goodness they all said yes!

If you are thinking about making special bridesmaid boxes I highly recommend it. It’s so fun to think of how to theme them for your own event and I love giving gifts so any reason to make a special gift box, I will take it!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any other great bridesmaid gift ideas please share them below!

Until next time,



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