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Happy Sunday everyone! Today I wanted to share a new favorite summer dress I recently purchased from Amazon! It’s SO comfy! I also LOVE that it has sleeves for those cooler summer nights. This dress is so easy to wear and works great with both sandals or wedges. It's super light weight but has a nice lining so I don't feel too exposed, too! The perfect dress for a summer road trip or a day around town. I think I am just dreaming of the adventures we could go on so I can wear cute things out again!

Tyler and I had lots of fun capturing this look, we are still really new to the “Outfit of the Day” photo game but it’s been a fun experience learning how to be a little more natural in front of the camera.

It’s also been a great bonding experience for Tyler and I since I went to school for filmmaking & writing and have more experience behind a camera than Tyler - he studied mechanical engineering and definitely never thought he would be learning about photography to help me!

Since we are both home right now we are really loving getting to work on projects together. We hope we can keep it up after quarantine! For now, we are soaking up every moment we can.

Until next time,


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Updated: May 26, 2020

So a large reason why I started this blog is because I LOVE beautiful things! I wanted to start creating my own beautiful images and designs while also sharing the process of learning how to do all this stuff. I love spending hours scrolling through gorgeous Pinterest photos and obsessing over my favorite stylist's photos. I am so drawn to photos that are heavily styled but look so effortless. I think their is true magic in making something look so easy.

That being said there is magic to the art of the “Flat Lay” and I don’t get to practice this skill enough!

For anyone who is like… what on earth is a Flat Lay? They are those beautiful images shot from above that feature interesting props and it’s often a technique used for styling books, blogs, fashion sales, and beauty products.

So, long story short, today I attempted my first official flat lay and I am pretty stoked with the way it came out!

I wish I had taken more photos of my set up but here is what the process of shooting looked like:

Start simple and add as you go!

I started with just some ingredients that I used in baking the muffins and worked off of that inspiration.

Here is what it looks like from further away.

I slowly added in details like an extra plate or more greenery to help fill out the image and make it feel a little more "lived in".

Trying a couple different angles.

Feels just about perfect! Now, I edit!

My chocolate chip muffin flat lay
The finished product!

The process didn’t take too long (I think I went faster than I normally would since I was so hungry to eat these)! I honestly didn’t even intend to do a flat lay photoshoot today but I got an itch to make chocolate chip muffins and they came out so pretty I wanted to make sure I captured them!

I am excited to start expanding my flat lay skills and really start to define my style! Hopefully, you guys love pretty photos as much as I do and will enjoy seeing them!

If you have any flat lay tips, want to know more about how I styled this image, or want me to style something specific please comment and let me know, I would love some inspiration!

Until next time,


Last August the love of my life, Tyler, asked me to marry him in Disneyland! It was the most perfect proposal and as I plan to share lots of details about our wedding and the planning process I thought it might be fun to share our proposal story!

It’s so hard to know where to start this story because our love story goes back about 7.5 years! Tyler and I met our first day of our Freshman year at Rowan University and have practically been inseparable in spirit ever since, (I say “inseparable in spirit” because we actually have done about 4 years of long distance throughout our relationship)!

In January of 2019, Tyler finally moved to Los Angeles after years of long distance dating. It was the BEST! We finally felt semi-normal and felt like we could actually get to know each other as adults as I had moved to California right after we graduated college.

I was convinced Tyler would propose the moment he moved in. I mean, he had just moved across the country for me! I thought a ring wouldn’t be far behind at all. But, after he was settled in, I realized we weren’t quite at proposal status yet. We had just spent the better part of 4 years apart, after all.

So I still day dreamed of the perfect proposal and I kept my nails done pretty much at all times in hopes that we was gearing up to pop the question. We had begun to look for rings and I knew it was in our near future.

Summer came around and that meant it had been about 6 months since Tyler had moved in. It also meant that I was antsier then ever to get engaged and considering my birthday was in July I had a feeling he might ask then! But my birthday came and went, and our trip to Cancun came and went, and our summer started to come to a close and I was resigned to the fact that we just weren’t there yet. For the first time in almost 6 months I left my nails bare and I got ready to head into another year of work (I typically work from mid-August to mid-June).

As a last summer hoorah I asked Tyler if we could go to Disneyland and of course… who can say no to Disneyland!

So we made plans to go to Disney the following day and that night Tyler asked me if he should clean up his beard and I said it didn’t matter to me… and then he was worried about what to wear the next day. I was so confused why he cared what he looked like - he is rarely one to put much thought into his ensemble, much to my dismay! But, I didn’t think much of it, I figured he was just being overly prepared.

So the next morning we were all set to go when Tyler became violently ill! I was so disappointed but we pushed out planned Disney day to the next morning.

The next day we arrived at Disney and I was so excited! It had been a couple years since we had been there together, and being an avid Disney lover I was just so happy to be with my love in such a fun place.

I told Tyler my only priority of the day was to get great pictures of us in front of the castle but he recommended we wait until later since it was cloudy. I agreed and we went off to the ride the rides. After a couple hours it started to get hot and I was worried I would look all sweaty in our photos so I insisted we go to the castle to get out pictures.

We stood in line and when it was our turn the sweet photographer took soooo many photos. I was a bit shocked that he was giving us so much attention but I didn’t realize what was happening until the very end when the photographer asked if there were any other important shots we wanted. I shook my head expecting to move on with our day, but suddenly Tyler said he had one more shot he wanted.

He started to bend to one knee and COMPLETELY surprised me!

I couldn’t believe it! It was so incredibly sweet and shocking that I was shaking and teary eyed. It was the best moment ever and I was so happy.

After he stood up and I said yes, the photographer took us on an adventure around the park and spend time taking adorable photos with just us. It was so special and magical and I loved every second.

For the rest of the day we got to wear adorable pins that said “We’re Engaged” and we had Mickey hats made to commemorate the event. So many people came up to congratulate us and we had the best day. We even got to end the day with the incredible fireworks and it was a day I will never forget.

We waited to call our families and friends until the day after so that way we could really just celebrate our special moment, just the two of us.

Stay tuned for more updates as we plan our day and thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about our story! I am so excited to be on this journey with Tyler and I am so grateful I can share it with you!

Until next time,


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